BBO InterCity League

Welcome to the InterCity league Schedule and Results site - Edition 30: Autumn 2018

The InterCity league is a competition for teams on BridgeBase Online, and it was founded by Tonci Radelja. Each team represents a city or town.

Sadly, Tonci passed away on November 14 2013, after a long illness. We will remember him for the enthusiasm and friendliness with which he organized the league. Until his final days he was involved, and he personally made sure everybody enjoyed the competition. We will continue to run the InterCity league in his memory.

RIP cobRAD...


Edition 30 Autumn 2018 has started with the group stages on October 10th 2018. We have a record number of 45 teams participating, from 24 different countries.

Edition 29 Spring 2018 was won by team Szprotawa from Poland, beating Solrod from Denmark in the final. Edition 28 Autumn 2017 was won by team Popovo from Bulgaria.


Games are played every Wednesday around 9pm CET. Please add ICL to the team game title, to make it easier for us to compile the results.




Group A
Szprotawa (Piter_57) Poland
Bucharest Seniors (Daniel Sav) Romania
Napoli (Lella1) Italy
Accrington (Silversc) England
Sigulda (Perkons) Latvia
Athens (Komvion) Greece
Aberystwyth (Simonr) Wales
Vis (svedi1) Croatia
Group B
Amalfi (Carmen815) Italy
Solrød (Fdahl) Denmark
Čačak (popgrent) Serbia
Kraków (jjtl) Poland
Wrocław (Rysiorak) Poland
Ploiești (Alexiacob) Romania
Legnano (Bonni45) Italy
Group C
Dubrovnik Smart (KhazadDoom) Croatia
Nikšić (Vesna567) Montenegro
Cloonboo (willemm) Ireland
Zlatitsa (Nasko 62) Bulgaria
København (stigw) Denmark
Arezzo (Gallett) Italy
City of Manchester (PTJ25) England
Group D
Tallinn (Kastan88) Estonia
Krynica-Zdrój (Adam3333) Poland
Connacht (Lahinch) Ireland
Silistra (Landerbg) Bulgaria
Praha (Medlin) Czech Republic
Zadar (Relja) Croatia
Lecco (Teorema55) Italy
Jyvaskyla (Markku) Finland
Group E
Gdańsk (Walchev) Poland
Holon (Moshel) Israel
Skopje (Sakson) Republic of Macedonia
Lannion Saint Brieuc (Binh123) France
Essen (HilmarB) Germany
Dubrovnik 2 (TMY) Croatia
Onesti (Adristfan) Romania
Group F
Manchester (Yo_yo) England
Mumbai (Cris1305) India
Edinburgh (paulg) Scotland
Ålesund (terjel) Norway
Ascoli Piceno (Turbin) Italy
Warszawa (Satyryk) Poland